exhibition’s date: 08/03/2013
galerie Barnoud / entrepot 9

08/03/2013 – 07/05/2013
The Barnoud Gallery presents HABITUS *, a collection of works by artists of different generations and nationalities, brought together on the theme of the human body, a central subject in the history of art until today. Each work gives shape to an aspect of the body, not limited to its physical characteristics but “augmented” by the psychological, social, cultural, political and historical contexts which encompass it. All present as many ways of perceiving the body and confront the viewer with different “ways of being” in the contemporary world.

lydie arickx ◊ jérôme conscience ◊ daniel firman rachel henriot ◊ jürgen klauke agnieszka podgórska ◊ annelise ragno andres serrano ◊ barthélémy toguo ◊ emeka udemba