Placeholdercarte blanche to Louis Ucciani

carte blanche to Louis Ucciani

exhibition’s date: 01/09/2010
carte blanche to Louis Ucciani
From 1er to 11 september 2010

galerie Jean Greset
5 rue Rivotte 25000 Besançon


exhibition’s date: 08/03/2013
galerie Barnoud / entrepot 9

08/03/2013 – 07/05/2013
The Barnoud Gallery presents HABITUS *, a collection of works by artists of different generations and nationalities, brought together on the theme of the human body, a central subject in the history of art until today. Each work gives shape to an aspect of the body, not limited to its physical characteristics but “augmented” by the psychological, social, cultural, political and historical contexts which encompass it. All present as many ways of perceiving the body and confront the viewer with different “ways of being” in the contemporary world.

lydie arickx ◊ jérôme conscience ◊ daniel firman rachel henriot ◊ jürgen klauke agnieszka podgórska ◊ annelise ragno andres serrano ◊ barthélémy toguo ◊ emeka udemba

second souffle, des pavés dans la mare

exhibition’s date: 14/10/2011
From October 18 to November 18, 2011 at the large gallery of the ERBA, 12 rue Denis Papin, 25000 Besançon.

… Le Pavé Dans La Mare celebrates its 18th birthday at the ERBA. After “Souffles”, this summer at the Verrerie de La Rochère, an exhibition which allowed the Pavé Dans La Mare to present part of its collection of works of art produced during eighteen years of existence, the center of contemporary art invests the ERBA, the regional school of fine arts of Besançon, at the invitation of its director Laurent Devèze. The public will discover great names in contemporary art (Ange Leccia, Paul Armand Gette or Alberto Sorbelli) but also European and Chinese creators who may be less known to the Franche-Comté public (Luo MingJun, Jin JangBo), and artists former students of the school or who still teach there (Jean Luc Bari, Gérard Collin-Thiébaut, Gilles Picouet, Alexandre Domini, Cécile Meynier or finally, Jérôme Conscience). The works of artists Samuel Buckman, Virginie Delannoy, Rodolphe Huguet, Jean-Pierre Sergent, Sabien Witteman, Cécile Meynier, Séverine Hubard and Nicolas Floc’h are also presented in Seconds Souffles – Des Pavés Dans La Mare.

Commissariat : Corinne Lapp-Dahoui et Laurent Devèze.

Défense de nettoyer en marche

exhibition’s date: 05/22/2011
The festival of contemporary creation “Defense of cleaning in motion” will take place on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May, at the former spinning mill of Ronchamp (70).

On the program for these two days, which will take place in a former spinning mill of more than 8000m2:
– An exhibition presenting creations specially imagined and created for the event.
… Coming from the Franche-Comté and Alsace regions, the young artists selected are:

Emilien Adage, Coralie Bardey, Lorraine Bergeret, the 3RS Collective, the Track Now collective, Jérôme Conscience, Alexandre Giroux, Julien Henrotte, Cyril Le Van, Florent Michel, Orbit119

+ “recto-verso” exhibition by F. Morellet, screen prints from 1972

Free entry. From 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.